Turner Award

Upcoming, I happy there.

I joining this.





, Toshima-ku, Tokyo JP

Happy to inform you good news.

Turner Award open call save me.

I couldn`t be No.1, But I got 30.000 yen and paints, materials ticket. 

Thank you!


2012 DEC


Open Studio finished



The 27th,28th

were our open studio.

 Guest, 650 people.

Thank you.

Now I am working in painting for new open call prize in Japan.

Hummer-head #2

Hummer head #2

2012/10/3Wen updated

This morning, I joined studio artists for Hummed-Head Studio. So, needing new home around same area. Hoping good location for walking or bike. I search it tomorrow. Going hosing store.

I start work there soon!! but I must wait for start the life  for  the share studio working. I should plan next show in this rest.


Hammer-Head #1

Hummer-Head #1

2012/09/30 Rewrited

 2012/09/28 Up dated


I have a plan work in the big share studio in Yokohama. I wont work there from early Oct. I am going to make large painting there. The equipment of art is located in Japanese government`s area facing sea. If you want to visit, I recommend you  making a appointment.  


Tachikawa Party #1

Tachikawa Paraty #1

 2012/09/30 Rewrited

2012/09/28 Up dated


 Sep 29 th, I work in art in site of  a party.  In a live house in Tachikawa city Tokyo.  To whom enjoying party there, I meet and talk, and put their images into a painting. It looks stereo fassioned live paiting. Actuarly I want to see real life of people spending happy and exciting time there. Conccept is new procces to add my art work the vivid emotion from such people and mine, and finding unknown posibility of party, such a happeningful opportunity. It using quick drawing technique and flex response against speed passing interesting moment in live party. This experience will advance my art. 














solo show---past

DATE:July 16th Mon - 20th Sat 2012



Kusumoto Bldg.,3F 1-14-12 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo Japan zip 104-0061

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